Simple and Fabulous Fashion for Women Over 50: 7 Great Ideas


Women over 50 don’t want to dress like little old ladies anymore! And why should we!? 50 + women are sexy, fun, sassy and cute.

Plus, we have the advantage of really knowing who we are and being able to show a personal sense of style that comes with having a strong sense of self.

Fashion is so much fun when you can really plug into your own unique idea of what looks good. The following ideas are meant as guidelines and suggestions not as rules by any means. Fashion should be fun and reflect who YOU are.

1. Funky Jewelry

Jewelry is an incredibly easy way to take an outfit from “blah” to “BAM!” The simplest touches like colorful bangles and fun, dangly earrings can take a simple, understated or even boring outfit and really kick it up a notch… or two!

Often, as an older woman, you may not want to appear too flashy or over the top. Interesting jewelry is a way to express individual style that can feel less daring than wearing a loud dress or super spiky heels

2. Casual Dresses

You may not feel comfortable in spaghetti strap sundresses anymore… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear really great, simple, fun dresses that will give you that girly feeling that all women secretly crave.

Try a wrap dress or something with a cap sleeve. In the winter, put on tights and a sweater. You will be both modest and cute!

3. Simple Leggings

Leggings are a great choice for every season and are so comfortable that you feel great and cozy in them in no matter what. They can be paired with tunics, dresses, sweaters and pretty much anything else.

They are also great with heels, flats and even cute sneakers!

They are so versatile and adorable that they always seem chic… even when you are just running to the store. It’s a great casual look that shows off your fun, youthful spirit without making you feel uncomfortable or bare.

4. Shoes with Great Details

The great thing about shoes is that they always fit… even when you’ve grown out of your jeans or your shirts are snug.

Pick a shoe with glitter, rhinestones or made from interesting fabrics. Fill your closet with a variety of shoe choices from flats to heels and sandals to boots.

You will be amazed what the perfect shoe can do to transform an outfit and boost your confident.

5. Hot Hair Accessories

Headbands, barrettes, clips and combs can all add a little something special to your look. They can be colorful, sparkly or simple.

You can choose flowers for a youthful feel and matched with a simple outfit you won’t seem like the older lady who is “trying too hard.”

6. Sweet Sweaters

Sweaters, especially cardigans, are versatile, simple and functional. You can use them to keep warm or cover bare shoulders for modesty.

You can dress them up with beautiful jewelry and dress or dress them down with jeans and flats.

7. Fabulous Frames

Glasses, prescription or sunglasses, are sexy and fun. Choosing the perfect frames for your face and style can really bring out something special and fun about your face and your look.

You will be amazed at what a great pair of glasses will do! As most older people do, you probably need corrective frames… throw out the contacts and buy a great pair of glasses!

Dressing over 50 may seem tricky. You want to be fun, sexy and cute without coming across like a pathetic old lady clinging to her youth. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You can be modest, simple, understated and fashionable all at once. Try out some of these ideas and take your fashion to a whole new level.