10 HOT Women Over 50

Who says that you have to be young to be sexy? Aging gracefully is one of the hottest things a lady can do. A sexy body, fabulous hair and a great smile are only part of the equation.

Confidence, success and wisdom are just as important and older women have those in spades. Take a look at this list of ten HOT women over 50!

Raquel-Welch1. Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch became famous in the 1960’s for her unbelievable, sultry good looks. At 72, this curvy, exotic bombshell is sexier now than ever!

Her beautiful smile, bouncy hair and unbelievable figure have only gotten better with age. It’s hard to believe that she has been in Hollywood for over 50 years and that she still looks that good!

Christie-Brinkley2. Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is pushing 60 and smoking hot! Her star rose in the 70’s and she became known for her fantastic bikini body.

A true example of ageless beauty, her beautiful blonde hair, long legs and fantastic face make her a knockout at any age. Plenty of 30 year olds would kill to look like her!

3. Helen Mirren

The bikini pictures of this gorgeous 60 something that surfaced a few years back showed everyone that senior citizens can still rock a 2 piece. Her curvy, sexy body looked better than some much younger women’s.

With her cute gray bob and pretty face she looks like the average grandma down the street… but she’s not! This fabulous Brit is as talented as she is beautiful with an impressive filmography to her credit.

Meryl-Streep4. Meryl Streep

What can be said about Meryl Streep? She is a legendary actress, a mother of 4 and an unbelievable sexy senior! What makes her so attractive are her everyday good looks, great curves and that trademark confidence.

She doesn’t mind telling people that she wears a size 12 and never tries to look younger than she is. Meryl really has it all. At 63, she has become a symbol of senior sexiness that all women can aspire to!

Jennifer-Tilly5. Jennifer Tilly

Her trademark raspy, sexy voice and exotic looks make her a knockout at any age! The 54 year old actress and poker player is as stunning as she is talented.

With long, dark hair, ample curves and an adorable, youthful looking, round face Jennifer is definitely not your average 50 something!

Katey-Sagal6. Katey Sagal

From “Married with Children” to “Sons of Anarchy” Segal has graced our TV screens with some really great, iconic characters and gotten sexier with each and every year.

Her hot body and slightly trashy sex appeal make her any guy’s dirty little fantasy.

7. Michelle Pfeiffer

Those cheekbones, those eyes and that smile! Pfeiffer epitomizes classic sex appeal with her gorgeous face.

Since the 1980’s she has been lighting up the big screen with her unbelievable talent and beauty. At 55, she is as stunning as ever!

Madonna8. Madonna

Madonna has become an icon in American culture known for her ever changing look and her ability to reinvent herself and stay relevant.

One thing has not changed over the years. This 54 year old is still a hottie!

She actually seems to be getting better with age. Her super fit body, signature gapped teeth and youthful sense of style set her apart from other women her age and show that beauty has no age limit.

Ellen-DeGeneres9. Ellen DeGeneres

The Emmy winner is best known for having broken barriers for the LBGT community in television… but, in case you hadn’t noticed, she is also a smoking hot 50 something!

Her signature short hair, bright blue eyes and sweet southern drawl make Ellen an unexpectedly sexy TV host. Known for her big heart and great fashion sense, Ellen is a hot senior with talent to match!

Jane-Seymour10. Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is proving that you can still be sexy after 60! She often plays a “MILF” and it’s not hard to see why.

This 62 year old British beauty is known for her beautiful strawberry blonde hair, her gorgeous face and her fabulous figure.

These 10 hot women over 50 are certainly not the only ones! There are plenty more. These women are proving that senior citizens can be sex symbols AND powerful, talented intelligent mothers, wives, actresses and career women! That’s pretty fabulous… and HOT!