Dating Older Women: 4 Facts to Keep in Mind

dating older women

Dating an older woman is a fantasy of many men. It is easy to understand why. Older women tend to be wiser, more successful and much more confident than younger women.

They have a “been there, done that” attitude that can be very sexy. What man doesn’t want to date a lady who can teach him a thing or two?

With that said, there are definitely some important things to consider when starting to date an older women. Read on for 4 important things to keep in mind when dating a woman who is older.

1. They Often Have Ex Husbands

They have probably been married. They may have been widowed or divorced. In short, they probably have baggage.

There is some guy that used to be their husband. That person still has an emotional (and possibly financial) impact in her life. She may not want him to be a part of her life anymore but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. In short, she will probably come with baggage.

2. They Probably Have Kids

Speaking of baggage, an older woman will probably have children. They may even be close to your age. You will need to be prepared for possible judgment from them.

You will also need to prepare yourself for the fact that her kids will be of the utmost importance to her. Anything that is so important to her will need to be important to you too. Never put down her children or act annoyed by their presence or needs. She will not respond well.

3. They Can Be Stuck in Their Ways

Older women have been around longer and know what they like and don’t like. They have ideas and opinions about things that they have had 20 or 30 years or more. They may not be easily convinced to try new things, go new places or change their minds.

While it is attractive for a woman to be confident and wise it can be very annoying to be with someone who won’t budge on their opinions or feelings about things. Be prepared for the possibility that she may be a bit stubborn and inflexible at times.

4. They May Act Like Your Mom

She may have a tendency to treat you like a child. She may not mean to and she probably won’t even realize she is doing it but older women can be bossy and feel that they need to tell you how to do things.

It may be annoying or downright offensive at times. It takes a strong man to date an older women because it demands a certain amount of self-confidence and an ability to stand up to her when necessary.

Older women are sexy, smart, wise and fun. They have a lot to offer and you should never NOT date someone because they are older than you. In this day and age you should have the right and ability to date whoever makes you happy.

With that said, you should be realistic about what a relationship with an older women will be like. As long as you are prepared there is no reason not to jump right in!