Seniormatch Review


Online dating is a great way to make new friends and find romance!  As a senior, you have just as much of a right to happiness as anyone else. is the # 1 dating site for seniors and its entire mission is to help seniors find love and companionship with OTHER seniors.  No young 20 something’s allowed!


Dating can be awkward and difficult for seniors.  Where can an older person meet another great person their own age?  NOT the bars!  Online dating is a great way for seniors to find love, companionship, friendship and lasting happiness.

It allows you to filter the people that you get to know based on a variety of criteria that matter to you.  That way you don’t waste your valuable time on people with whom you have nothing in common. offers a user-friendly website with a free sign up.  It is specifically designed to be simple and easy to use.  You can get started for free and sign up and creating a profile only takes minutes.


Standard membership: FREE

Basic Paid Membership: From $ 11.99


  • You can get to know multiple people at once allowing you to “cast a wide net”
  • Standard membership is free.  There is no financial obligation to continue.
  • Lots of profiles to search and look at.
  • Easy to navigate, user friendly website.


  • Online dating can be dangerous if you are not careful.  However, this is true of all dating.
  • If you sign up for the free standard membership there will more than likely come a time that you will want to upgrade in order to use various features.
  • Many user reviews online are negative. Some people feel that they were scammed by being put on an auto renewal payment plan with their credit card.  If you are careful to cancel your membership appropriately then this will not happen to you.

Tips for Online Dating

  • Never give out personal information to someone that you do not know.  You may think that you can trust them but there are some very dishonest people out there who will prey upon you if given the change.  Always exercise caution and common sense.
  • Never send explicit videos or photos to anyone that you don’t know.  This goes for anything else that could be used against you or embarrass you if it got out.
  • Always meet new people in PUBLIC places.  Never meet at homes, hotel rooms or other places where you will be secluded.  It is just not safe.
  • Never send anyone that you don’t know any money.
  • Search for the things that matter most to you.  This way you are not wasting time looking at profiles of people with whom you do not see yourself having a future.
  • Be realistic.  Online dating is not a magic ticket.  It will take time and patience to meet the right person.  Be prepared to “kiss a few frogs.”
  • Talk to multiple people at once.  Do not limit yourself to one person. This is one of the best things about online dating.