Singles Over 50: Tips for Dating


OK, so you’re over 50 and trying to make a love connection. It is highly unlikely that you have NEVER dated before.

You know how the whole thing works. You’ve been there. But, there is a good chance that it has been a while.

Maybe you’re recently divorced or widowed.

Maybe you never married but were in long term relationship.

Whatever the case may be, you might be feeling a bit out of practice and, chances are, awkward, nervous and intimidated about meeting new people and dating. There’s no need to feel that way. Dating in your 50’s is not all that different from dating in your younger years.

Here are 10 tips for singles over 50 to help you look for love and take some of the guesswork out of the dating scene.

1. You’re Still Awesome.

All of the things that made you awesome in your 20’s still make you awesome. You may be older, wiser (and, let’s face it, grayer) but you still have a ton to offer.

Be confident in yourself. Nothing is sexier than self-esteem. Don’t worry about being over 50. Consider it an asset. You are smarter, wiser and more experienced.

2. You Don’t Have to Run Before You Walk.

Don’t feel compelled to run out to a punk rock show in your ripped jeans (unless that’s what you are into, of course!) just to feel hip enough to date.

Dating is intimidating and exhausting enough without setting yourself up like that.

You should be yourself and date and meet people with whom you share common interests, hobbies, goals, etc. With that said, once you have gotten your feet wet you can try to branch out.

3. Dating Can Be a Lot More Fun Than a Relationship.

Dating doesn’t always have to lead to a commitment. You may have been a long-term relationship and feel compelled to get into another one but dating can be fun without any strings attached. Don’t take it too seriously.

4. Blind Dates Can Be Fun.

People love setting other people up but everyone hates blind dates. If your friends or family are trying to set you up then just go! The worst that could happen is a boring or bad date. The best? A great new friend or lover! It’s worth the risk!

5. Always Be Careful.

Be careful with your heart, your money, your other assets and your family. Don’t let anyone in too deeply too quickly. Singles over 50 often have more to lose than younger people. You probably own a home, a car, have savings, etc. Protect them.

6. Be Prepared for Backlash.

It may be difficult for some in your family to accept you dating. Your children or grandchildren, in particular, may react poorly. Give them time and space to accept that you are dating. Don’t push them to meet anyone until they are ready. They love you and they may be worried or nervous.

7. The Internet Is a Great Resource.

There are tons of great online dating sites that take the awkwardness out of meeting people for singles over 50. You may not know where to meet people, how to start a conversation or what questions to ask. Join a site and let them help you find someone fabulous.

8. Put Yourself Out There.

Putting yourself out there is scary but worth it! You have to get out of the house (even if you join an internet site) and socialize. Make new friends, learn new skills and engage in activities. Try joining a church or club or taking a class.

9. Be Honest, Upfront and Sincere.

Don’t try and be anything that you are not. Be totally honest about who you are, what you believe, what you have been through, etc.

Don’t lie about your age, your past relationships or anything else. You have nothing to hide. Singles over 50 are an exciting bunch with lots of life experiences, great minds and wisdom to share!

10. Enjoy Yourself.

Dating is fun. Repeat after me. DATING IS FUN. DATING IS FUN. DATING IS FUN. Have fun dating. Don’t take it too seriously, worry too much or set up expectations. You may have to kiss a few frogs but that’s OK.

Singles over 50 have a ton to offer. It is incredibly sexy to be older, wiser and more successful than you were when you were younger. Be confident and happy with yourself. Be careful, be honest, have fun, get out of the house and don’t be afraid to date around.