Sex After 50: A Guide to Sex as a Senior

sex after 50Oh goodness!  This is a subject that may make some people giggle, some eyebrows raise and some cheeks turn red. Older people tend to feel uncomfortable talking about sex or sexuality… especially their own.  Younger people sometimes get a little ill at ease at the thought of Mom or Dad getting it on.  That’s fine.  That’s understandable.  This is a guide for seniors.  It is not meant to be read with your kids or even to be discussed with anyone if you don’t so choose.  Don’t worry.  No one has to know!

With that said, let’s be totally honest.   You still enjoy, desire and think about sex.  You may not think that you do.  You may have shut that part of yourself off for a while.  The very thought of this subject may make you blush but the truth is sex is a natural and normal human interaction.  It is fun, stress-relieving and confidence-boosting.  It is great exercise too!  There is nothing wrong with wanting to do it.

On the other hand, you may not have shut the side of yourself off.  You may still be very honest about your needs sexually.  You may still talk openly about it.  You may still fantasize.  However, you may have medical issues that make sex difficult.  This may be embarrassing to you or you may have simply given up hope.

Whatever the case may be, if you are reading this article then you probably aren’t having as much or as good of sex as you would like.  This article is meant to help you to find information and to open your mind to ideas that may be new or that you may have been too embarrassed to admit that you had yourself.  This article is not explicit or detailed.  You are probably not going to be a sexual virtuoso after reading it.   That is not what it is for.  It is simply a starting point for you to help you to start having better sex.

The following bullet points are some things to think about, to research further or to talk to your spouse or partner about.

You Don’t Need a Partner

If you are not in a relationship, if your spouse died, if you’re divorced or if your spouse is unable to perform sexually anymore that doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying sex.  If you don’t have a partner then you can learn to pleasure yourself.  Don’t be embarrassed or uncomfortable.  It is totally normal and natural.  This may also be a great starting point for you to learn which things feel nice to you and which things do not.

You May Have to Have Sex Differently

You may not be able to have sex the same way that you used to.  You may not be comfortable in certain positions, enjoy certain things or have the stamina to go for hours anymore.  You or your partner may have health issues.  That is totally understandable and to be expected.  You aren’t twenty anymore… so why should you be having sex like a 20 year old?  Having sex is a great way to connect with your partner and, though it may not be as wild and crazy as it once was, it can be still be a lot of fun.

You May Have To See a Doctor

You may have issues related to sex that a physician can help you with.  You should not be embarrassed to talk about sex with your doctor.  Men and women both experience changes with age which may make sense difficult, uncomfortable or even painful.  You don’t have to stop having sex.  You will be amazed what your doctor might be able to do to help!

You may improve your health

Sex has tons of benefits and your physical healthy can be greatly improved by rejuvenating your sex life.  You will almost certainly will improve your relationship!  So hop in bed and see what benefits your body can reap.

In summary, this article was written to empower seniors to start thinking about their sexuality again.  There is no shame in enjoying sexual pleasure.  It is gratifying and fun.  Sex is worth working hard to figure out.  It is worth trying new things.  It is not something you should give up on at any age! Now, get off the computer and go have fun!