Dating for Seniors

dating-for-seniorsSeniors have a unique experience when it comes to dating. It can be more difficult but it can also be much more rewarding. The challenges of dating after a certain age are hard to ignore and it can seem overwhelming to even bother. You may feel like you would rather just be alone than deal with the trouble that dating can be.

However, you should really consider the positive aspects of dating at an older age before you close yourself off for good!

What’s AWKWARD about dating as a senior?

OK, let’s be honest. Lots of things. You have probably been married before and may have been divorced or even widowed. You may feel uncomfortable or even guilty about looking for romance again. You likely have children and even grandchildren who will surely have opinions. You have a ton of “baggage” to deal with that you probably didn’t have at 20 or 30.

You have probably been off of the market for a while and you may feel silly or childish trying to flirt or get to know people. You also aren’t likely to be excited to head out to the bars or to the other types of places you went when you were young and single.

Dating may seem like a foreign and scary idea. The people out there may seem very different from your ex or your deceased spouse (if you were married in the past) and you may not feel like you will be able to find a good match again.

The truth is, your concerns are valid. There will more than likely be times that it seems like dating as a senior is just not worth it.

You may feel awkward for a while and some of the people you meet and the dates that you go on might be downright awful. There’s no denying that… but there are some great reasons to try anyway!

What’s AWESOME about dating as a senior?

Tons of things are awesome and fun about dating as an older person. There are so many reasons to put yourself out there! Dating can be a great confidence boost, can increase your overall happiness and enjoyment of life. Even if you never find true love, you are bound to make friends and meet new people.

Dating is a great way to put yourself out there. If you expect to find a new husband or wife immediately or if you look at everyone as a potential long term partner then you are really missing the point of dating as senior. The beauty of dating as an older person is that you don’t have the same sense of urgency to get married, have kids and do the things that you are “supposed to”. You can be as casual as you would like.

You have the great advantage of knowing yourself, as well. You will be able to be clear about your own expectations in a relationship and be able to be yourself with confidence. This is so beneficial psychologically and you will continue to grow as a person with each new person you meet and each new relationship you build.

It is absolutely essential that you maintain a sense of identity as you age. The truth is, spending time with your kids or grand-kids may seem like enough but a healthy social life should include friends and a variety of people.

You should be out and about with people, participating in the world. It is difficult. It can be downright terrible. The great thing is that, with age comes perspective. You have had enough experiences to know that a lot of times the hardest things are the most worth it.

Best Online Dating Sites For Seniors

At one-time dating was a huge struggle and often frowned on by friends and families.  A variety of cultural social and cultural changes have made society more accepting, but nothing has helped more than the development of the internet. There are thousands of internet dating sites on every topic you have ever imagined and some you never dreamed existed.

There are scores of good advice columns online and sites like Senior Dating Advice that focus exclusively on the issues of older adults when they enter the dating realm. So, we offer articles about subjects like how widows can get back to dating and articles for men about how dating older women is different.

We offer reviews of some of the better senior dating sites like Senior People Meet and Senior Friend Finder.