Dating After 50: Tips for Meeting People

dating-after-50Dating is not necessarily at the top of many seniors’ lists of priorities.  Older people tend to see dating as awkward, uncomfortable and maybe even a bit childish or silly.  The mere thought of calling someone your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” probably sounds ridiculous.

It’s understandable to feel strangely about the idea of dating.  Most people don’t plan on dating in their 50’s, 60’s or beyond.  But, often, life doesn’t quite turn out exactly as we might have planned or expected.  You may have been widowed.  You may have divorced.  You may have never married or found a life partner.  There is no reason at all that that should stop you from living the rest of your life feeling happy and fulfilled.

In this article you will find tips for meeting people, enjoying dating and finding someone special.  The most important thing is by far…

Tip # 1 Be confident

As an older person you have been through a great deal.   You may have been married, divorced or widowed.  You probably have kids and grand kids   You aren’t just older than many people who are dating… you are also wiser.  You have a ton to offer.  You may not have the tight butt or great hair that you had at 21 but what you have now is a comfort in your own skin.   Confidence is so key.  Don’t let your age stop you from stepping out and meeting people.

Tip # 2 Go Online

It may seem daunting to try and meet people.  You may not have any idea where to begin.  Try going online   There are lots of great dating sites to choose from… even some tailored to seniors like yourself.  If you are like many seniors, meeting someone on the internet may seem a bit odd or even creepy.

However, it has become a very common way to meet people.  Lots of couples meet online and develop great, happy relationships.  If nothing else, it will be a great way to “get your feet wet” in the dating scene.

Tip # 3 Get Involved

Get involved in a club, social group, church or some other sort of weekly or monthly gathering of people.  Check out Senior Centers to see what types of activities they offer.  It’s not just BINGO anymore   Lots of them have great events, activities and parties.  Getting out there and just making friends is the first step.  You are wise enough to know that love usually finds you when you aren’t really looking so just have fun and enjoy socializing.

Tip # 4 Go on Blind Dates

Yes.  Yes. Yes.  Go on blind dates.  If your children, friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers say they know someone that they think you will like then GO!  Don’t make excuses, don’t act embarrassed and don’t be silly!  Just go and meet the person.  What in the world can it hurt?

Tip # 5 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

With age comes wisdom, perspective, confidence… and a tendency to be stuck in one’s ways.   If you really want to meet someone you can’t allow yourself to do the same things day in and day out or week in and week out.  You can’t go to the same places, eat the same foods, talk to the same people and do the same things and expect for someone new to simply fall into your lap.

You may have to do some things that make you feel nervous or uncomfortable… like go on a dating site, agree to a blind date or join a club or organization.  Just do it.  You will be glad that you did!

over-50-datingFirst and foremost, you should be proud of yourself for even considering dating.  Many seniors simply give up on the idea of love and romance out of fear or insecurity.  YOU have not done that.  That is wonderful.  You are still thinking toward the future, looking to enjoy life and trying to make the most of every minute of your life.

It may seem scary to take the next step but just do it.  Just step out and see what happens.  You have lived enough to know that often the very best things in life are the things that are a bit frightening and unknown.  Don’t let fear stand in the way of finding happiness!