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Seniors Dance Clubs: Finding Romance Through Dance

College classrooms and dive bars may be a great place to meet your significant other when you’re in your early 20’s, but where do you go when you’ve got more life experience under your belt? Go to the places that allow you to enjoy your favorite hobbies. In these places, you’ll be more likely to […]

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Dating for Seniors

Seniors have a unique experience when it comes to dating. It can be more difficult but it can also be much more rewarding. The challenges of dating after a certain age are hard to ignore and it can seem overwhelming to even bother. You may feel like you would rather just be alone than deal […]

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Dating Sites for Seniors – Do They Work?

Dating as a senior can be stressful and awkward at times.  You may be overwhelmed by the idea of trying to meet new people and worry that you aren’t attractive anymore.  Those feelings are totally normal and understandable.  The very best thing that you can do, however, is to put yourself out there and meet people. A […]

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Singles Over 50: Tips for Dating

OK, so you’re over 50 and trying to make a love connection. It is highly unlikely that you have NEVER dated before. You know how the whole thing works. You’ve been there. But, there is a good chance that it has been a while. Maybe you’re recently divorced or widowed. Maybe you never married but […]

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10 Tips for Over 60 Dating

Dating over 60 can be scary, intimidating and confusing. From where to meet people to how to flirt to when to introduce your new friend to your family the questions can pile up and make it seem like dating may not even be worthwhile. That is not the case! Over 60 dating can be fun, […]

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Do’s and Don’ts For Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce may sound downright terrifying. The idea of getting back out there after a prolonged hiatus is daunting. You may wonder if you are even attractive anymore or if anyone will ever love you again. The answer is YES! You are attractive and you absolutely deserve love and will find it in due […]

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sex after 50

Sex After 50: A Guide to Sex as a Senior

Oh goodness!  This is a subject that may make some people giggle, some eyebrows raise and some cheeks turn red. Older people tend to feel uncomfortable talking about sex or sexuality… especially their own.  Younger people sometimes get a little ill at ease at the thought of Mom or Dad getting it on.  That’s fine.  […]

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Dating After 50: Tips for Meeting People

Dating is not necessarily at the top of many seniors’ lists of priorities.  Older people tend to see dating as awkward, uncomfortable and maybe even a bit childish or silly.  The mere thought of calling someone your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” probably sounds ridiculous. It’s understandable to feel strangely about the idea of dating.  Most people […]

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